Friday, November 30, 2007

Start Flying Tonight.

Just a reminder that there's a swell rock show happening tonight at Hampshire College.

Kurt Weisman
Hampshire College Dining Commons
8:30pm-ish, free or close to it.

And for your visual accompaniment, Flying - "Twin Sisters"

Q: What Can I Get for 12 Dollar? A: Baroness.

If you're going to be in Boston this weekend to see that drool-worthy Oneida/Kinski show at the Middle East, consider going tonight as well. Georgia's other Relapse-approved-metal-act-not-named-Mastadon, Baroness, are doing a show at the Middle East. Their 2007 release The Red Album is one of those metal album of the year contenders. Listening to it now is making me think that we're going to have to post a list of albums from this year that were inexplicably left off the bracket. Witchcraft and Radio Moscow are also on the bill.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2007 WMUA Album of the Year Competition

Hi All,

The hosts of Expressway to Yr Skull have compiled our top 64 albums of the year and pitted each album against each other in a battle royale, NCAA basketball style. If you follow NCAA Men’s Basketball this will be self explanatory. For those unfamiliar, we’ve pitted 64 good to great to amazing albums that are Expressway to Yr Skull endorsed in a unique angle of crowning an album of the year champion. Two albums face off and the winner moves on to the next round and faces another winner from the previous round. That continues until only two are left and final winner is determined.

So here’s the gameplan:
DOWNLOAD the PDF or Excel file of the bracket
FILL it out
EMAIL it to 911wmua at

The entry that's closest to the final results receives the bitching Expressway to Yr Skull 01 compilation and possibly other things.

So look forward to battle results leading up to the end of the semester. If you have any complaints, provide a comment or email to said location. Also, the Daft Punk album was not included because it was a live album and it's extremely weak. It sounds like they mixed out all of the fun from the live show. Zilch-o spine-o.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Epsilons - "Teeny Boppers"

from Killed 'em Deader 'n a Six Card Poker Hand on Retard Disco

Come On Everybody, Let's Rock!

So Oneida is playing in Cambridge at the Middle East this Saturday with Kinski, Cul De Sac & Neptune. If that line-up doesn't make your head want to explode with glee, then I feel really, really sorry for you. I'm not usually one for advocating going to Boston for things, but seriously. Oneida. If your head doesn't explode with glee over the line-up, it will definitely explode from sheer rockage after seeing Oneida live.

Don't believe me? "Each One, Teach One", live in Atlanta.

We were also talking last night about the Sheets Of Easter Everywhere six-tape series that Furniture Records is doing where a whole slew of bands cover Oneida's epic "Sheets of Easter" (duh). I thought the line-up seemed bizarrely heavy on relatively obscure Texas bands (plus Jana Hunter, who isn't so obscure now that she has the Devendra thing going for her) & I guess it wasn't my imagination, given that the label is based out of Austin, which never occurred to me. Let's just say that I hadn't heard the names Best Fwends or Skullening since I was living in Houston. From Furniture:

Everyone here at Furniture is proud to inform you that we will be begin our singles club within the week. Unlike most singles clubs, Sheets of Easter Everywhere will be a very very unique experience. Over the course of a year we will be releasing six tapes with very nice packaging (each volume designed by a different artist). Each tape will feature interpretations of Oneida's infamous "Sheets of Easter." One tape will be released every other month starting in February 2007 and there will be a very small run of each tape. After the year is up, we will have a final tape blowout extravaganza but those details will be disclosed at a later date.

Sheets of Easter Everywhere will feature: AIDS Wolf, Awesome Cool Dudes, BARR, Best Fwends, Birthdayboyy, Cleckhuddersfax, Daniel Francis Doyle, DJ Sony Playstation, Excepter, Fancy Feast, Fireworks Ensemble, Jason Forrest, Genghis Tron, Glitter Pals, Jana Hunter, Shawn David McMillen, MonsterDudes, Parts & Labor, Pit er Pat, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Dick Price, Pterodactyl, Skullening, Synt.tofs and many more types of bands and music.

As far as I can tell, only two of the tapes are out so far, so you probably have time to jump on the cassette bandwagon before the rest of the series materializes.

Stay Cool, Sugarpuff Redux

In the Red continues its run of excellence by lovingly reissuing the King Khan & BBQ Show selt-titled debut LP on both CD and double-vinyl. The double vinyl LP features a bonus side of demo recordings featuring some cover songs and two tracks that would appear on their second LP “What’s for Dinner?”

"Fish Fight"


Crypt Records has a brand-spanking new EP by the KK & BBQ Show called “Teabag Party” out now for only $4. It's five brands-spanking new tracks encased in a a poorly photoshopped homoerotic cover that almost gives the Liars “It Fit When I Was a Kid” EP a run for its money.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Behind The Curve.

Was anyone else aware of the fact that the Black Lips apparently booked & already cancelled a show (with Quintron & Miss Pussycat!) scheduled for March at Pearl Street in Northampton, all of this seemingly happening within the past couple of days? Since I didn't even know about it, I can't really be disappointed, but perhaps they'll reschedule & the Pioneer Valley can finally get some (ex-)In The Red love. We're kind of overdue for it, dudes.

And just because I feel like it, here's a video of Quintron kicking out the jams in my old 'hood in Houston.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Don't Hate Anything About This Song.

In honor of Hanukkah approaching & as the resident WMUA Blog Jew, I thought I would give some props to Yo La Tengo, who have their annual Eight Nights of Hanukkah shows coming up soon in Hoboken. But since the dates are all sold out & making the trip to New Jersey wasn't exactly tops on my list of things to do anyway, you should just go to their website instead & spend some time browsing the "Fun" section, which I swear by as an amusing time-waster while at work. I'm particularly fond of the feature Kids Respond to "Little Eyes", where a class of Canadian second graders illustrate & write what they think of the song. It's like reading Pitchfork with slightly more spelling & grammatical errors, though without the gratuitous name-dropping.

Oh yeah, you should also get a load of the totally legit Billboard chart that has "Nuclear War" a mere five spots below Will Oldham's favorite R. Kelly jam, "Ignition".

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Early Warning.

Hey friends, there's yet another show at Hampshire College next week because the Creative Music Collective is hooking that shit up.

Friday, November 30th at the Hampshire College Dining Commons -

Flying, from Brooklyn, who have a new album coming out soon on Menlo Park Records. I'd put these kids somewhere between Deerhoof & Animal Collective on the experimental art-pop spectrum. I saw them at the Flywheel last year & no one was there, so let's correct that this time around. Here's a video for their song "Minors":

Plus Kurt Weisman, who is part of many fine musical projects, among them Feathers, Witch & Ben + Vesper. He's got a solo album coming out on Important Records in January. Huzzah!

It'll be taking place around 8:30pm-ish & will likely be free or very reasonably priced. No excuses.

WMUA Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

The below text is taken from the official Turkey Slaughter training manual (PDF) used by a Food Inspector-to-be for the United States Depeartment of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Now I intend to eat turkey like the average American, but this was just too good to pass up.

Turkey Plant Operations

Turkeys are hauled to the plant on truck beds or trailers in crates, fixed coops, or batteries.

When the turkeys are readied and unloaded for slaughter, the veterinarian (or a food inspector under his/her supervision) performs antemortem inspection by observing the turkeys on a lot basis.

The turkeys are hung by the shanks in shackles hooked to an overhead moving chain that conveys the live turkeys toward the stunning area prior to the neck cutting and bleeding areas.

Scalding of the bled turkeys occurs when the shackles pass through an immersion scalder filled with heated water, which is agitated by recirculation pumps.

In place of an immersion scalder, some turkey slaughter plants shower carcasses with hot water and then convey them through humidity cabinets where they are sprayed with steam. This system avoids the community bath of the immersion scalder.

Picking is done mechanically; usually there are several pickers used and each concentrates on a different area of the turkey to insure complete feather removal.

The shackled dressed turkeys sometimes are singed by a gas flame following picking, This burns the fine hair or feathers off the skin. The carcasses then pass through a wash cabinet, which is equipped with sprayers.

The hock joints are severed and the shanks are removed from the carcass prior to transfer of the carcasses to the evisceration line. The carcasses may be hung by the hocks or by the necks to make the subsequent removal of the crop and trachea (windpipe) easier.

The neck and both hocks of each carcass are placed in the shackle. This three-point suspension of the carcass facilitates the evisceration process.

Before the viscera can be removed, some cuts have to be made into the carcass. The vent area is cut free by a circular incision. Next, if a modified J-cut is used, a cut is made to the point of the keel. If a bar-cut is used, a transverse cut is made caudal to the point of the keel. Either method is approved for use provided the requirements of uniform presentation are accomplished in a sanitary manner.

Drawing, or viscera removal, is accomplished by pulling the viscera free from the body cavity and placing it consistently either to the right or left of the tail. Generally the esophagus will be the only natural body attachment remaining inside the body cavity.

The USDA food inspector inspects the eviscerated carcasses for wholesomeness. The viscera and the outside and inside of the carcass are manipulated in a manner that insures that only wholesome product is passed. Unwholesome carcasses and parts are condemned for human consumption and are positively controlled until proper disposal is completed.

Removal of the heart and liver from the viscera is part of the giblet harvest and trimming, which occurs next. The heart cap is removed from the heart, and the gall bladder is removed from the liver. Next the liver and heart are sent to an ice-and-water chiller.

The removal of the gizzard finishes the giblet harvest from the viscera.

The gizzard is removed by cutting anterior and posterior to its attachment to the gastrointestinal tract.

The gizzards are placed in a machine which splits (peels) and cleans their surfaces. The surfaces are then flushed, and the gizzards are chilled in ice and water.

After the viscera is removed, the lungs can be vacuumed from the chest cavity.

The crop and trachea are pulled free from the slit in the neck. If the oil sacs have not already been removed, they are cut off the tail.

The heads are removed and a final check of the carcasses is made to ensure all eviscerating processes have been properly completed. Then the carcasses pass through a final wash.

After the wash, the neck bones are cut. The necks may be placed inside the body cavity or chilled separately from the carcasses in vats of slush ice.

Next, the tails are cut, and, if they are used by the plant, hock lock wires are inserted in those carcasses that will be trussed. Tucking and trussing the legs of the carcasses is usually done prior to chilling.

Ice-and-water chillers are used to lower the product temperature. Carcasses and giblets are chilled separately.

After the initial chilling, the carcasses are hung on a drip line and drained.

Grading, if requested, is done next. Grading is a voluntary service performed at an additional expense to the plant.

Some carcasses are sent to the cut-up line. Carcass parts are packed in tray packs with plastic overlay, boxed, or bagged.

The giblets are wrapped and stuffed into the whole carcasses.

At the bagging station, the carcass is placed in a plastic bag.

The air is vacuumed out of the bagged carcass and the bag is closed with a clip. The bagged carcass then passes through a shrink tunnel, where it is sprayed with hot water. This procedure shrinks the plastic bag to conform to the shape of the carcass and results in an appealing consumer package.

The whole bagged carcasses and containers of cut-up parts are weighed to confirm, adjust, or mark the net weigh of the product. In some plants the price per pound and the total price of the product may be applied to the outside of the product package.

An immersion freezer is used by some plants to put a crust or quick chill on the product. This process helps prevent freezer burn on the carcass surfaces. Most immersion freezers contain solutions of propylene glycol or brine. As the bagged carcasses exit an immersion freezer, they must be sprayed with water in order to remove any freezing solution from the package.

The product is sorted and packed prior to entry in to the blast freezer.

Usually the air blast or plate-type freezer is used to freeze the product solid.

It is not usual for turkey plants to thaw frozen carcasses and cut-up or further process them some time after slaughter.

Once frozen, the product is ready to be shipped to food markets.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Waits Wednesday

Beavis and Butthead comment on "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" by Mr. Waits

Also, if you want to watch just about every music video Beavis and Butthead reviewed in poor Youtube quality, go here until it gets yanked. Whoever this member is just added Archers of Loaf, Replacements and Jesus Lizard within the past day.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Who is Cooler?

The cult Canadian television program Kenny vs. Spenny is finally getting a broad US airing thanks to Comedy Central. The show revolves around lifelong best friends Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice spending an episode determining who is better at a particular challenge, be it who can stay homeless longer, who can produce more semen, who can sell more bibles, and other juvenile challenges. Apparently South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone love the show and are executive producing their fourth and latest season. Even if you are not a fan of their work, Kenny vs. Spenny I strongly recommend watching this. The next episode "Who Can Eat More Meat?" airs tonight (Sunday) at 11:30 PM EST.

I've been watching this show ever since I read a piece written by show co-creator Kenny Hotz in the Vice V13N8 issue, which I've included below as an attempt to get you, reader, interested and laughing. I'm not sure we have any legal permission to post this, but if Vice requests it removed it shall be done.

from Vice V13N8
I Told My Friend He Had AIDS
by Kenny Hotz

I make my living being a total fucking asshole. It makes me feel bad sometimes but it sure beats the shit out of selling wheelchairs to old people on the phone. I live with my roommate and we have a show in Canada where we compete against each other. Some of you may have heard of it. It’s called Kenny vs. Spenny.

Basically the show is me and my idiot roommate, who looks like Jar Jar Binks with Down syndrome, competing in fuckedup competitions. Shit like: Who can gain the most weight in a week? Who can make out with the most chicks and drink the most beer before puking?

One of the shows that we did last season was hailed in Canada as the meanest, biggest asshole prank ever blitzkrieged on a loved one. My pal Spencer (Spenny) and I wanted to see, once and for all, who was funnier. So we decided that we were both going to take a week to practice for a stand-up comedy competition and perform in front of a huge comedy guru and let him decide who is the funniest stand-up comedian (like it’s any fucking contest).

I follow the tenets of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, i.e. “Totally crush and destroy your enemy from within.” In Canada, it is mandatory for the Ministry of Health to inform you if you have had sex with a person who has tested positive for the HIV virus. They actually mail out these letters. Could you imagine getting one of these letters? Spenny can.

It’s so easy to forge high-quality counterfeit documentation. I went to the Ministry of Health website, popped their logo on the top of a Word document, and then wrote a letter to Mr. Spencer Nolan Rice informing him that he was going to die of AIDS. I made sure he got it right in the middle of his preparation for the competition. After he got it in the mail, he actually puked.

Forgetting about the competition, Spenny tearfully confided in me that there was a chance he had AIDS (I didn’t know, remember? He got this letter from the government). Being the wonderful friend that I am, I pretended to drop everything and arranged for grief counseling, blood tests, insurance plans, the writing of his will, and all the other shit that most people would do if they thought they were dying.

Spenny’s week prior to the competition consisted of many golden moments. Casually calling girls he’d fucked trying to find out if they were the one with HIV. He gave me a few of his favorite belongings and paid me back some of the cash he’s owed me over the years.

The good news is a blood test takes seven to ten days to come back—in this case well after the competition ended. One of the AIDS counselors I set him up with, whose name was actually Gaylord (I swear to God), told Spenny that the best thing he could do would be to go on with his life, so Spenny decided to go on with the competition.

I actually got scared for a minute because nothing is funnier than a totally depressed, pathetic comedian, but then I remembered we’re dealing with fucking Spenny over here.

We get to the comedy club and Spenny goes first, gets onstage, and starts his bit. A few jokes in, it appeared like the whole depression thing was working for him. But all of a sudden he fucking freezes and tells the audience about the letter that says he might have AIDS and walks off the stage. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Pure platinum. He broke down and almost started crying.

I ended up giving the judge a copy of the letter I sent Spenny and he gave me the win for unleashing such a devious plan on my best friend.

I did feel a little bad for doing it because I had to be with him on suicide watch and it’s a lot of effort to take care of a pal with pretend AIDS. His mother almost had a fucking coronary, but she’s a bit of a bitch anyways. The funny thing is, when he found out I totally faked the whole thing, he was so happy that he didn’t have HIV that to this day there’s been no retribution.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Minute Weekend Plans.

Uh, yeah. This one's a big one.

Ecstatic Peace! presents
curated by Byron Coley

11/16 FRIDAY/YOD SPACE (221 Pine Street #441, Florence MA 01062 ph: 413-587-9400) 6:00 – 12:00 with Vegetarian Two Bean Chili, Brown Rice, Green Salad, Chilled Beverages

8:00 (m) John Oliver Simons reads 1 (10)
8:15 (m) Richard Krech reads 1 (15)
8:35 (m) Charles Potts reads 1 (15)
9:20 Thurston Moore/Byron Coley/Valerie Webber read (10)
9:35 Traum Ecke (ducktails) plays (20)
9:55 (m) Mike Watt reads (20)

11/17 SATURDAY AFTERNOON/RED BARN (Red Barn at Hampshire College on Rt. 116 in S. Amherst.Red Barn is next to admissions office, about 1000 feet north of main entrance to college) 1:00 – 5:00 with beverages/food

1:00 Byron Coley reads (10)
1:15 (m) Gown (Andrew McGregor) plays (20)
1:40 (m) Bree reads (10)
1:55 (m) Rick Beaty reads (15)
2:15 (m) Corrine De Winter reads (10)
2:30 (m) Yomul Yuk play (20)
2:55 (m) Sara Jaffe reads (15)
3:15 (m) Valerie Webber reads (15)
3:35 (m) Charles Plymell reads (20)
4:00 m/m/m/m/m Slander Puff plays Conrad Capistran/Anna Klein/John
Shaw/Joshua Burkett/Dan Ireton (30)
5:00 break

SATURDAY EVENING 7:00 – 12:00 RED BARN with beverages

7:00 (m) Bill Nace/Sara Jaffe play (15)
7:20 (m) John Oliver Simons reads 2 (20)
7:50 (m) Richard Krech reads 2 (25)
8:20 (m) Charles Potts reads 2 (25)
8:50 Mirror/Dash (Thurston Moore/Kim Gordon) plays (15)
9:10 (m) George Wallace reads (15)
9:30 (m) Marci Denesiuk reads (15)
9:50 (m) Matt Krefting reads (15)
10:10 (m) Angela Jaeger reads (15)
10:30 (m)/(m) Hair Wars (Paul Flaherty/Kate Biggar) play (20)

11/18 SUNDAY 12:00 – 6:00 YOD SPACE with East African Sweet Pea Soup, bread/bagels, coffee, tea

1:15 Dredd Foole plays unless his Peterborough gig is too early (20)
1:40 Emma Young reads (10)
2:00 Joshua Burkett plays (20)
2:25 Wesley Eisold reads (10)
2:40 Grant Hart plays (20)
3:05 Byron reads (10)
3:20 J Mascis plays (20)
3:45 Thurston Moore plays unless he's in NYC recording

Yes, Mike Watt, as in "the guy from the Minutemen that I refuse to believe was involved with that last Stooges album". Yes, Grant Hart, as in "one of the dudes in Husker Du who didn't have the amazing moustache":

And as if that wasn't enough to keep you busy all weekend, this just popped up on my radar as well:

Saturday, November 16th
OM (Southern Lord Records, 2/3 of stoner-rock legends Sleep, etc.)
Grails (releases out on Temporary Residence, Important Records, Neurot Recordings, etc.)
Witch (ever want to see J Mascis play drums for a psych-metal band?)
Jack Rose (psych/drone from a member of Pelt.)
at The Loft (Cotton Mill Hill) in Brattleboro, VT.

Check it out, friends.

OM, live in Brooklyn.

Grails - "More Extinction"

Witch - "Seer"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What In The Hell Is A Japandi?

Just a reminder that our friends over at Hampshire College's Creative Music Collective have a show going on tomorrow night:

Friday, November 16th
Sleeping People
Prescott Tavern, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
8:30pm, probably free or practically free.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waits Wednesday

(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night
Live in Italy 1986

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are You Down With EP?

Yeah, there's a new Grizzly Bear EP with remixes & a bunch of bands covering their songs (Band of Horses? Seriously, guys?). There's also that new Battles EP, which boasts even more remixes (including one by Four Tet, which seems to be mandatory for any indie rock remix project) & videos that take the "bask in the sight of our music's complexity & technicality" angle to new extremes. But since EPs are disqualified from contending for the Expressway To Yr Skull Album of the Year crown, I feel that it's my responsibility to tell you about some short & sweet EP jams I've been fond of lately. We'll start off with this one:

It's no secret that I'm a big supporter of manic garage-punk & I was pretty stoked to see that John Dwyer of the very manic, very excellent Pink & Brown/Coachwhips (RIP) is picking up where those bands left off with his new project, Yikes! (his other project, the Oh Sees, put out an album this year called Sucks Blood also worth checking out, though more on the lo-fi weirdo pop tip). They just put out an EP called Whoa Comas & Blood Bomb on the Kill Shaman record label, who seem to be ahead of the curve on nutty noise-rock lately (Load Records, watch your back). What are you in store for on this little guy? Fuzzed-out guitar racket that could pass for Thee Heacoats on speed, distorted vocals that sound like they were recorded in a shoebox & a few off-kilter punk tricks they probably picked up from the Fall. Success! They apparently also have a new-ish full-length called Secrets To Superflipping out on Upset! The Rhythm out of London - I'm not sure if it's going to be released domestically anytime soon, so it might be worth it to break down & buy the import, even if the dollar-to-pound conversion rate is absurd right now. Might I suggest buying the No Age 12" EP they released as well, while you're at it & while we're on the topics of EPs?

Speaking of No Age, here's a rad video for "Boy Void", which is probably the best song on their ridiculously awesome Weirdo Rippers singles anthology. OH YEAH!

Jason Anderson Tonight!

Courteousy of the Hampshire College Alternative Music Collective.

Jason Anderson & Crush Cloud
November 13 @ Hampshire College
7pm. The Red Barn

Jason Anderson has been around. He's been the drummer for Yume Bitsu and the Microphones; he's played keyboards for David Dondero and recorded with Mirah, Calvin Johnson and the Blow. He's toured with Mark Robinson, Little Wings and
Son, Ambulance. With a seemingly insatiable appetite for travel and music, Jason is a true wandering troubadour, playing anywhere and everywhere, and always trying to grow. Jason has lived in the Pacific Northwest, in Omaha, on the east coast, and in his car. His commitment to travel and the idea of "life as tour" has created a community where the line between friend and fan is blurred. The shows are participatory, intimate exchanges of humanity and joy. Everyone seems to leave
inspired and uplifted, most of all Anderson himself. It's exciting to see someone who believes so much in music and the potential it has to bring people together.

Crush Cloud is Shira Erlichman and Emily Thomas. They are sing-along campfire fun. bring your sleeping bag, your clapping hands, and marshmallows for smores. they escaped their hard life on the farm to bring you melodies. music for folks, and non-folks alike. dogs wearing bandanas welcome.

We're Jason Anderson fans supporters, but WMUA is hoping that Jason Anderson doesn't incorporate that gawd-awful E-Street Band sound on his latest album. Sorry J.A.!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Read & Burn 03

Apparently Wire released a new EP on November 5th and I did not know about it. Link yes yes

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do The Suicide.

While Eric & I were attempting to round out the field for our Best of 2007 showdown, the question of Load Records was raised, specifically if they had put out anything noteworthy this year. I felt like it had kind of been a quiet year for them, aside from that new Clockcleaner album (which is admittedly pretty good in a "1993 called & they want their Jesus Lizard albums back" kind of way), but it turns out that they've put out a ton of stuff lately that just never crossed paths with our mailbox at the radio station.

At any rate, someone (possibly Eric - confirm or deny) told me a few months ago that the amazingly demented, synthed-out Six Finger Satellite was back together. I think that so many bands have seemingly been coming back from the grave lately that I didn't really think too much about it, even though I'll swear up & down that Six Finger Satellite is arguably one of the most underrated/overlooked bands that ever had a Sub Pop logo turn up on one of their albums*. What's not to love about a band that sounds like Devo hanging out with Big Black? Nothing, that's what. But the reformation giddiness has finally set in, because the word on the street is that there's a new 6FS album coming out on none other than Load Records in the spring. The fact that it's being released on the label synonymous with Lightning Bolt (who very obviously owe no small debt to their Providence forefathers in 6FS) rather than the label (at least now) synonymous with the Shins is good news indeed. Not to mention that their all-synthesizer EP Machine Cuisine is also being reissued, with bonus tracks galore.

Some kind soul finally got the video for "Parlour Games" that appeared on Beavis & Butthead onto YouTube, so I am including it thusly:

Apparently Polvo is reuniting for All Tomorrow's Parties next year, which coupled with the Six Finger Satellite reunion & the fact that Shellac recently put out a new record, means that I'm rapidly approaching some bizarre space-time continuum where I'm back in junior high & obsessing over math-rock bands again.

* If you only respond to Pitchfork buzzwords, the Juan MacLean used to be in the band & DFA Records owe their name to the Six Finger Satellite's tour set-up. And I feel dirtier just for feeling the need to mention that.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Ratatat Mixtape

Ratatatatatatatatat have a new mixtape available for free on their website. Like the first one, it has their music mashed with other rappers' rhymes. Tracklist is:

1. Young Buck, T.I. and Ludacris - Stomp
2. Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullshit
3. Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G. - Allure
4. Z-Ro, Devin the Dude & Juvenile - The Mule
5. Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride
6. Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z - Glock Nines
7. Despot - Freestyle
8. Memphis Bleek - Alright
9. Slim Thug, T.I. & Bun-B - Three Kings
10. Young Jeezy & Bun-B - Over Here
11. Kanye West - Diamonds
12. Beans - Freestyle
13. Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong
14. Saigon & U.G.K. - We Gon' Ride

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is Going to be the Most Significant Television Event Since Quantum Leap

This is not music related, but the always reliable Adult Swim is going to start airing the hopefully cult classic Garth Marenghi's Darkplace starting tomorrow night at 11 PM. Like most of the great British comedy classics, it's bizarre, dry and indirectly hilarious. The concept revolves around horror/director/producer/writer mastermind Garth Marenghi (real life Matthew Holness) created the Darkplace show back in the 80s with next to no budget. It was a show, as Marenghi puts it, that was "so radical, so risky, so dangerous, so go-haw-damn crazy that the so called powers-that-be became too scared to show it." The show gets resurrected for a second go-around on air, this time featuring Garth Marenghi, publicist/co-star Dean Learner (Richard Ayoade) and fellow cast members being interviewed about the show between scenes.

The show is meant to spoof the horror/action genre shows that were in abundance back in the day. The show takes place at Darkplace Hotel where Dr. Rick Dagless (Marenghi) has to fight off the evils plaguing the hospital as well as fighting to keep his patients alive. He's joined by Dr. Lucien Sanchez (played by Todd Rivers played by Matt Berry), Dr. Liz Asher (played by Madeleine Wool played by Alice Lowe) and hospital administrator Thornton Reed (Learner). There's incredibly (and purposefully) stiff acting, blatant misogyny, cheap props and sets and more hilarity abound.

But to keep it semi-music related, here's a music video for the song "I'm a One Track Lover" that appears in the show

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gold Star For Robot Boy.

While I'm definitely not a Guided By Voices obsessive, I have a serious soft spot in my heart for basically everything up until about the Mag Earwhig-era (I still haven't fully gotten over seeing Bob Pollard in a bright green "Ladies' Man"-style satin shirt on the Conan O'Brien show after Do The Collapse came out - totally shudder-inducing). I will also maintain that if you can listen to Bee Thousand & not fall in love with it, then you have a heart of stone, you cold, horrible person. This makes me extremely nostalgic for simple, low-budget 90s indie rock videos (complete with high kicks):

What triggered this post was reflecting upon the highs & lows of the 2007 music year, particularly the last ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead album & how they managed to rape my memories by covering/butchering Guided By Voices' "The Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory" (in the middle of what looked like a overly ambitious pseudo-concept album too, making it all the more inexplicable & out of place). As luck would have it, that Trail of Dead record actually came out in late 2006 & thus narrowly escaped earning a top spot on my 2007 shit-list. But that cover was so mind-blowingly awful that I'm going to call them out entirely on their own right now, exact release dates be damned. Attention, Trail of Dead: Stop adding cheesy, dramatic strings to songs that were beautiful & haunting precisely because they were originally so sparse & lo-fi. Please just go back to pretending to be a Sonic Youth tribute band.

Waits Wednesday

On Late Night with Conan O'Brien earlier this year

"Lucinda" and "Ain't Goin' Down to the Well"


Hurry Up and Get Some Juice for the Juiceman

Here's a notification for those unaware that mister Andy "Falco" Falkous and Jack Egglestone of the band that's better than your band, McLusky, have joined forces with former Jarcrew member Kelson Mathias to become the Future of the Left. Did you like McLusky? I'll give 5:4 odds that you may end up liking Future of the Left. Falkous shouting, brutish bass and drums, and a rude guitar lead warm up a cold fall day. The one potential caveat for some people? Keyboards. They released their debut album out in the UK on Too Pure in September. It's called Curses and according to Falco's myspace blog it's "It's 37 minutes and 13 seconds long, an Aries*, and enjoys long country walks, alfresco bathing and revenge." I have no clue when the US release date is, though it's hopefully in time for the Festivus holiday.

Your pity sets the bar

Future of the Left - "Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"

On top of that, the remaining member of McLusky, mister Jon Chapple, and his band Shooting at Unarmed Men released their 3rd full length entitled Triptych in August. It's only available legally in Australia[?] but should be getting released sometime in the near future. Otherwise, I'd suggest checking out their energetic and excellently titled 2nd LP Yes! Tinnitus! on Too Pure. Apologies for not finding any good clips of them.

*I believe a September 24th release date places it as a Libra, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's based on a conception sometime between March 21 and April 19**.

**I'm also assuming by the above statement that the album was born prematurely six months into the term.

Monday, November 5, 2007

For Your Reconsideration

The music video for Sheryl Crow's "A Change (Would Do You Good)"

1. directed by Michel Gondry
2. features the following people:
- Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
- Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse)
- Ellen DeGeneres
- Molly Shannon
- Toby Huss (The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Artie, the strongest man in the world!*, Carnivale)
- Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, Mr. Show)
- Andy Dick

1. Song by Sheryl Crow
2. features the following people:
- Ellen DeGeneres
- Andy Dick

*Not enough can be said about that show

Saturday, November 3, 2007


What the hell is up with this praise for the Chromatics disco-Italia style?! They're from Seattle! WMUA awards no points!*

*this is a bullshit rant since the exclusive Exprsswy t Yr Skll compilation** contains a track by them.

**Did I mention limited edition?

Cough Up Some Cash!

If you have money that's currently burning a hole in your pocket (and you should, since we know that most of you didn't give it to us during fund drive this week), definitely send it to the fine folks over at our beloved In The Red Records, because they've recently launched a series of mailorder (and merch table, if you're lucky)-only vinyl releases that will make you kick yourself later if you miss out on them.

Jay Reatard's Night of Broken Glass EP has been out for awhile now & is apparently limited to 700 copies, never to be re-pressed. It also happens to be fucking awesome. He hasn't had them at his merch table the past two times I've seen him, so you should order one from the label directly (which y'all should do more often in general), because I imagine they'll probably be gone soon.

There's also a split 7" featuring Lamps & Haunted George, with the old trick where each band covers a song from the other. This one's limited to 400 copies & if the Lamps full-length that recently came out (which you should also check out) is any indication, this should be pretty excellent.

The most recent installment is from Intelligence (featuring Lars of the underrated & now defunct A-Frames), who just put out a kick-ass full-length called Deuteronomy on In The Red as well. Their contribution to the series is a four song 12" EP, limited to 600 copies.

That's not enough to get you all hot & bothered in your record nerdery? How about the fact that the Black Lips are slated to put out a record for the project? Yeah? There's also apparently a non-mailorder Angry Angles (another great Jay Reatard outfit) album coming out on the label soon. Get stoked.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More Decisions.

It came to my attention tonight that there is ANOTHER show next weekend, in addition to the Popfest! New England/Yo La Tengo madness I mentioned a few days ago. So here's another option for you to weigh:

Blevin Blectum at the Hampshire College Dining Commons on Friday, November 9th, probably around 8:30pm & probably free or cheap (but this being a Hampshire show & information being hard to come by, don't quote me on that). One half of the defunct laptop-fuckery/IDM duo Blectum From Blechdom, she's also collaborated with Matmos, DAT Politics, The Soft Pink Truth & a bunch of other bands you may or may not like, in addition to doing her solo electronica act. If you're vehemently against going to an indie pop show that night, you should probably go to this or risk being a loser forever.

Also, this one's a little bit further off on the horizon, but some advance warning anyway:

Sleeping People (on Temporary Residence Records), Japandi, Yukon & Bunnies at the Prescott Tavern at Hampshire College, Friday, November 16th at 8:30pm. Cost? Again, probably free or cheap. If you're into the technical, instrumental math-rock thing (see: Don Caballero, Hella, so on & so forth), you'd probably be smart to jump on the Sleeping People bandwagon. They're also starting a tour with the Locust soon, if that's any indication. Go & feel good about yourself for going to Five College campus shows so that they can keep happening, hopefully.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

'Nutha Reminder

As we mentioned in an earlier post, A Place to Bury Strangers/The Bunnies/Sisxers are doing a free show tonight at 8:30 pm at the Hampshire College Dining Commons. The frontman to APtBS, Olivier Ackermann is giving a free workshop on effect pedal making at 5 pm at Lemelson on campus. It's all FREE!