Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Come On Everybody, Let's Rock!

So Oneida is playing in Cambridge at the Middle East this Saturday with Kinski, Cul De Sac & Neptune. If that line-up doesn't make your head want to explode with glee, then I feel really, really sorry for you. I'm not usually one for advocating going to Boston for things, but seriously. Oneida. If your head doesn't explode with glee over the line-up, it will definitely explode from sheer rockage after seeing Oneida live.

Don't believe me? "Each One, Teach One", live in Atlanta.

We were also talking last night about the Sheets Of Easter Everywhere six-tape series that Furniture Records is doing where a whole slew of bands cover Oneida's epic "Sheets of Easter" (duh). I thought the line-up seemed bizarrely heavy on relatively obscure Texas bands (plus Jana Hunter, who isn't so obscure now that she has the Devendra thing going for her) & I guess it wasn't my imagination, given that the label is based out of Austin, which never occurred to me. Let's just say that I hadn't heard the names Best Fwends or Skullening since I was living in Houston. From Furniture:

Everyone here at Furniture is proud to inform you that we will be begin our singles club within the week. Unlike most singles clubs, Sheets of Easter Everywhere will be a very very unique experience. Over the course of a year we will be releasing six tapes with very nice packaging (each volume designed by a different artist). Each tape will feature interpretations of Oneida's infamous "Sheets of Easter." One tape will be released every other month starting in February 2007 and there will be a very small run of each tape. After the year is up, we will have a final tape blowout extravaganza but those details will be disclosed at a later date.

Sheets of Easter Everywhere will feature: AIDS Wolf, Awesome Cool Dudes, BARR, Best Fwends, Birthdayboyy, Cleckhuddersfax, Daniel Francis Doyle, DJ Sony Playstation, Excepter, Fancy Feast, Fireworks Ensemble, Jason Forrest, Genghis Tron, Glitter Pals, Jana Hunter, Shawn David McMillen, MonsterDudes, Parts & Labor, Pit er Pat, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Dick Price, Pterodactyl, Skullening, Synt.tofs and many more types of bands and music.

As far as I can tell, only two of the tapes are out so far, so you probably have time to jump on the cassette bandwagon before the rest of the series materializes.

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