Tuesday, June 30, 2009

concert photos! golden cities + these are powers.

big thanks again to fossil mountain, hadoken, golden cities, and these are powers for playing wmua's summer kick-off concert on june 15. it was a total blast, we were so glad to have all those bands on board. everyone kicked some serious tush.

some photos from the night:

golden cities
Golden Cities
Golden Cities
these are powers
Anna Barie of These Are Powers
Pat Noecker('s bass) of These Are Powers
Bill Salas of These Are Powers
Anna Barie of These Are Powers
Pat Noecker of These Are Powers
Bill Salas of These Are Powers
Anna Barie of These Are Powers

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yeah, yeah! WMUA has a podcast page now (http://wmua.ath.cx/podcasts), where you can currently download two live in-studio noise performances by Rot Ton Bone and Skirt Flank & Pizzle from the 6/13/09 episode of MYNDBLYNDRZ. Hopefully many more podcasts are to come as we upload archived and future in-studios and interviews.

ONE CATCH! There aren't going to be many full show podcasts, because, in order to avoid breaking copyright laws, the podcasts have to feature music that has been given the consent of the artist or label to use. EACH and EVERY artist. That's like 50 artists per show. So don't expect your favorite WMUA shows to start putting up every episode online, this isn't a replacement for the real deal - that is good olde fashioned WMUA live broadcasts, streamin and reamin out yr computer and radio speakers (respectively).

So please... SUBSCRIBE! The instructions are listed on the page, and if you use an RSS Feed or iTunes, its easy as pie. If you are a WMUA dj, please contact Gabe, Dana or Wei for information on how you can post your own stuff.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


You know we at WMUA, we're big fans of our listeners (and blog readers). We just love to make you smile, whether its the music we pump through the frequencies and online streams, the on-air giveaways we surprise you with, the record festivals we organize now and then, or the badA$$ free concerts we like to throw every coupla months. And our FREE SUMMER KICK OFF CONCERT on June 15th is no exception!!!

In the words of that seductive chanteuse, Alice Cooper, "schooool's out for summer!", but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our loyal local listeners (nor does it mean that our summer programming is any less balls-2-tha-wall). That's why when These Are Powers asked us to help them get a show together in the valley, we were like BRING IT OWWWN! Yadda yadda yadda, here's a press release...

"WMUA 91.1fm is launching off the summer season with a free avant-garde rock concert on Monday, June 15th at the Earthfoods Cafe in the UMass Campus Center. The line-up features UMass' resident soundscapers Hadoken, the debut performance by Amherst instrumental punk melody-makers Fossil Mountain, psychedelic post-rock from Houston's Golden Cities, and is headlined by Brooklyn's experimental dance-deconstructionists These Are Powers. Currently traversing the East Coast to promote their sophomore album on Dead Oceans, All Aboard Future, These Are Powers (press kit) combine elements of noise, electronic, dance and punk into a heavy sonic assault that promises a memorable live show.

The show will start at 8pm, doors will open at 7:30. Mark your calendars and help us spread the word about this free, exciting evening of underground rock and roll. Please contact publicity@wmua.org or visit http://www.wmua.org/ for more information."