Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do The Suicide.

While Eric & I were attempting to round out the field for our Best of 2007 showdown, the question of Load Records was raised, specifically if they had put out anything noteworthy this year. I felt like it had kind of been a quiet year for them, aside from that new Clockcleaner album (which is admittedly pretty good in a "1993 called & they want their Jesus Lizard albums back" kind of way), but it turns out that they've put out a ton of stuff lately that just never crossed paths with our mailbox at the radio station.

At any rate, someone (possibly Eric - confirm or deny) told me a few months ago that the amazingly demented, synthed-out Six Finger Satellite was back together. I think that so many bands have seemingly been coming back from the grave lately that I didn't really think too much about it, even though I'll swear up & down that Six Finger Satellite is arguably one of the most underrated/overlooked bands that ever had a Sub Pop logo turn up on one of their albums*. What's not to love about a band that sounds like Devo hanging out with Big Black? Nothing, that's what. But the reformation giddiness has finally set in, because the word on the street is that there's a new 6FS album coming out on none other than Load Records in the spring. The fact that it's being released on the label synonymous with Lightning Bolt (who very obviously owe no small debt to their Providence forefathers in 6FS) rather than the label (at least now) synonymous with the Shins is good news indeed. Not to mention that their all-synthesizer EP Machine Cuisine is also being reissued, with bonus tracks galore.

Some kind soul finally got the video for "Parlour Games" that appeared on Beavis & Butthead onto YouTube, so I am including it thusly:

Apparently Polvo is reuniting for All Tomorrow's Parties next year, which coupled with the Six Finger Satellite reunion & the fact that Shellac recently put out a new record, means that I'm rapidly approaching some bizarre space-time continuum where I'm back in junior high & obsessing over math-rock bands again.

* If you only respond to Pitchfork buzzwords, the Juan MacLean used to be in the band & DFA Records owe their name to the Six Finger Satellite's tour set-up. And I feel dirtier just for feeling the need to mention that.

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