Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jason Anderson Tonight!

Courteousy of the Hampshire College Alternative Music Collective.

Jason Anderson & Crush Cloud
November 13 @ Hampshire College
7pm. The Red Barn

Jason Anderson has been around. He's been the drummer for Yume Bitsu and the Microphones; he's played keyboards for David Dondero and recorded with Mirah, Calvin Johnson and the Blow. He's toured with Mark Robinson, Little Wings and
Son, Ambulance. With a seemingly insatiable appetite for travel and music, Jason is a true wandering troubadour, playing anywhere and everywhere, and always trying to grow. Jason has lived in the Pacific Northwest, in Omaha, on the east coast, and in his car. His commitment to travel and the idea of "life as tour" has created a community where the line between friend and fan is blurred. The shows are participatory, intimate exchanges of humanity and joy. Everyone seems to leave
inspired and uplifted, most of all Anderson himself. It's exciting to see someone who believes so much in music and the potential it has to bring people together.

Crush Cloud is Shira Erlichman and Emily Thomas. They are sing-along campfire fun. bring your sleeping bag, your clapping hands, and marshmallows for smores. they escaped their hard life on the farm to bring you melodies. music for folks, and non-folks alike. dogs wearing bandanas welcome.

We're Jason Anderson fans supporters, but WMUA is hoping that Jason Anderson doesn't incorporate that gawd-awful E-Street Band sound on his latest album. Sorry J.A.!

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