Thursday, November 29, 2007

2007 WMUA Album of the Year Competition

Hi All,

The hosts of Expressway to Yr Skull have compiled our top 64 albums of the year and pitted each album against each other in a battle royale, NCAA basketball style. If you follow NCAA Men’s Basketball this will be self explanatory. For those unfamiliar, we’ve pitted 64 good to great to amazing albums that are Expressway to Yr Skull endorsed in a unique angle of crowning an album of the year champion. Two albums face off and the winner moves on to the next round and faces another winner from the previous round. That continues until only two are left and final winner is determined.

So here’s the gameplan:
DOWNLOAD the PDF or Excel file of the bracket
FILL it out
EMAIL it to 911wmua at

The entry that's closest to the final results receives the bitching Expressway to Yr Skull 01 compilation and possibly other things.

So look forward to battle results leading up to the end of the semester. If you have any complaints, provide a comment or email to said location. Also, the Daft Punk album was not included because it was a live album and it's extremely weak. It sounds like they mixed out all of the fun from the live show. Zilch-o spine-o.

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