Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Don't Hate Anything About This Song.

In honor of Hanukkah approaching & as the resident WMUA Blog Jew, I thought I would give some props to Yo La Tengo, who have their annual Eight Nights of Hanukkah shows coming up soon in Hoboken. But since the dates are all sold out & making the trip to New Jersey wasn't exactly tops on my list of things to do anyway, you should just go to their website instead & spend some time browsing the "Fun" section, which I swear by as an amusing time-waster while at work. I'm particularly fond of the feature Kids Respond to "Little Eyes", where a class of Canadian second graders illustrate & write what they think of the song. It's like reading Pitchfork with slightly more spelling & grammatical errors, though without the gratuitous name-dropping.

Oh yeah, you should also get a load of the totally legit Billboard chart that has "Nuclear War" a mere five spots below Will Oldham's favorite R. Kelly jam, "Ignition".

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