Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cough Up Some Cash!

If you have money that's currently burning a hole in your pocket (and you should, since we know that most of you didn't give it to us during fund drive this week), definitely send it to the fine folks over at our beloved In The Red Records, because they've recently launched a series of mailorder (and merch table, if you're lucky)-only vinyl releases that will make you kick yourself later if you miss out on them.

Jay Reatard's Night of Broken Glass EP has been out for awhile now & is apparently limited to 700 copies, never to be re-pressed. It also happens to be fucking awesome. He hasn't had them at his merch table the past two times I've seen him, so you should order one from the label directly (which y'all should do more often in general), because I imagine they'll probably be gone soon.

There's also a split 7" featuring Lamps & Haunted George, with the old trick where each band covers a song from the other. This one's limited to 400 copies & if the Lamps full-length that recently came out (which you should also check out) is any indication, this should be pretty excellent.

The most recent installment is from Intelligence (featuring Lars of the underrated & now defunct A-Frames), who just put out a kick-ass full-length called Deuteronomy on In The Red as well. Their contribution to the series is a four song 12" EP, limited to 600 copies.

That's not enough to get you all hot & bothered in your record nerdery? How about the fact that the Black Lips are slated to put out a record for the project? Yeah? There's also apparently a non-mailorder Angry Angles (another great Jay Reatard outfit) album coming out on the label soon. Get stoked.

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