Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What is the Horn?

Hi there. Have a seat with me next to the fireplace. I'll wear a santa costume and you dress up as a lion.

Are you comfortable? Great. I wanted to tell you about this band called Prinzhorn Dance School. "Gee, Santa, that sure is a weird name for a band to call themselves," you might ask. To which I'll reply, "Hey lion, SHUT UP! I'm talking here! Ho ho ho!" After a lot of consoling with you about daddy problems, where he may or may not have touched you, body issues and so on, I resume talking about Prinzhorn Dance School.

Prinzhorn are a guy and a girl from Brighton, England. The guy's last name is Prinz and girl's last name is Horn. When they combine rings they become- CAPTAIN PLANET!

Or the Prinzhorn Dance School. Their debut album is coming out in the states August 28th on DFA Records, and it's worth checking out. If you're versed in the DFA label, you'll know that they're not putting out the most immediately accessible or simple music, but Prinzhorn appears to be a step in a slightly different direction. Here's what you get: songs focused on repetition anchored by simple and funky grooves. The music usually consists of just bass and drums with the occasional guitar line popping in. The closest DFA peer I'd put them with is J.O.Y., who released a single that also appeared on the classic DFA Records Compilation #2. And with such primitive arrangements, dancefloor-ready DFA Remixes will hopefully be off of the factory line soon. And lot's of repetition in the vocals, sung by Mr. Prinz with backing cries carried out by Ms. Horn. Mr. Prinz sounds like a follower of the Mark E. Smith vocal delivery, although one that sounds like he's not singing with a mouthful of cotton balls. Lovechild of ESG and The Fall?

If you need more convincing, reader in a lion suit, check out these two excellent music videos for two songs featured on their self-titled debut. Like their music, they keep it simple.

"Up! Up! Up!"

"Crackerjack Docker"

both from Prinzhorn Dance School's Prinzhorn Dance School LP out August 28th on DFA Records

There's a band documentary avaiable at DFA's Myspace AND one-of-a-kind purses made by Ms. Horn available at the DFA Record Webstore (earn cool points, ladies). Unrelated, but DFA related, LCD Soundsystem will be releasing the amazing 45:33 on November 12th. It was comissioned by Nike and has only been available through iTunes. It's one track, 45+ minutes long and it fucking works. Had I heard it last year it would have easily been in my top 5. If you've heard the new LCD Soundsystem album, part of "45:33" is used in "Someone Great."

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erika airwrecker said...

When you played this on your show this week, I almost called in freaking out & saying "I didn't know that the Ex had a new album out!". Upon listening to nothing but this album for the past week, I think it sounds exactly like a head-on collision between the Ex & the criminally underrated Red Monkey. Approaching "New Favorite Band" status...