Friday, August 17, 2007


In addition to the Prinzhorn Dance School album that Eric rightfully raved about last time, there's another highly kick-ass record that came out recently that you'd be a fool to let fly under your radar. It's by a little band called No Age, who take their name from an old SST Records compilation, which alone would probably be reason enough for me to get behind them. But beyond that, No Age is Dean Spunt & Randy Randall, who were both formerly in the amazing & short-lived art/noise/hardcore band Wives (hence the horrendously punned title of this post), which is what initially gave me ants in my pants over hearing their new project. You owe it to yourself to track down "Weirdo Rippers", the CD just released by Fat Cat Records that compiles a series of vinyl-only No Age EPs in one handy digital package. Start with the "Lightning Bolt meets Black Flag" DIY punk craziness of Wives, strip it down to just guitar & drums, bury it in lo-fi fuzz & add some Deerhunter/Liars-ish experimental feedback drone. And you can thank me later.

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