Monday, August 13, 2007

Help the Flywheel!

Here's an announcement from the people over at Flywheel Arts Collective, one of the best independent art/music venues in the area. They've recently located and are looking for some financial love. Make us proud!

Dear Friends of Flywheel,

It's hard to believe but it's been 9 years since Flywheel was born. Since then thousands of musicians and artists have taken part in Flywheel's mission to "provide a space in which artists of all kinds can craft and present their work in an environment that values creativity over profit."

From concerts to film nights to children's programs, Flywheel has filled an essential need for the arts community of the Pioneer Valley by not just "providing a space," but nurturing forms of creativity and community that exist nowhere else in the area.

As an entirely volunteer run and consensus driven organization, it's no wonder that Flywheel has also experienced quite a few changes and challenges in these 9 years. But, perhaps none are as exciting, or as challenging, as those we face now. Flywheel is moving to a larger space from its cramped quarters at 2 Holyoke St. in Easthampton to the historic old Easthampton Town Hall on Main St.

The new space that Flywheel will inhabit is considerably larger, with high tin ceilings and beautiful big windows; in short, a big improvement. This move will also allow Flywheel to expand our current programming and truly become a "Community Arts Space," where our events more accurately reflect the diversity of the communities in Easthampton and around the region.

However, there are two big challenges before us as we make this big transition:

  • We will be incurring a number of large one-time costs associated with making the new space the kind of place that can accommodate these events/upgrades to the sound system, lighting, renovating, etc, and

  • We will need to hire a staff person who can both coordinate this expanded programming and do outreach to those communities who don’t yet know about Flywheel.

We're asking you to consider a generous donation now to help Flywheel meet these challenges and grow into a stronger, more sustainable organization for years to come.

One look at the shrinking pool of viable spaces for music, visual, and performance arts tells us that Flywheel is needed now more than ever. Nine years is an incredible achievement; now let's go for 99 more!


The Flywheel "Hub"

Chris Cooper, President

Chris Dooley, Vice President

Jeremy Smith, Treasurer

Lila Wolan, Secretary

James Fiore

Rick Pierik

David Banigan-White

P.S. In addition to your generous contribution, please also accept our offer to be a part of the new Flywheel by volunteering, and/or attending performances and art shows.

Flywheel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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