Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fresh Blood.

Our esteemed Music Director didn't seem too fond of it (shame on him), but one of my favorite releases from the past couple of months is from three ladies known as The New Bloods who have a new record out on Kill Rock Stars called The Secret Life. Let me ask you this, dear reader. Do you like The Raincoats? How about Liliput? ESG? Are you really going to blow my mind & tell me that you, too, are a fan of the woefully overlooked Intima? Then you're a fool if you sleep on this one. Bass, violin, drums, group vocals that swing from shouted to sung - it's enough to make you cream your post-punk jeans.

Proof positive: "Doubles", from The Secret Life.

They're playing in Providence on Sunday at the great as220, so if you're Rhode Island-bound, show some love. And snag the LP when it's back in print at Kill Rock Stars (or be a chump & opt for the digital version).

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