Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mark Ya Calendars

Boston College's radio station WZBC 90.3 FM is holding a 35th Anniversary concert on May 3rd at T.T. the Bears with No Age, Neptune, Big Digit and The Big Disappointments confirmed. For only 10 bucks looks like a worthy weekend event.

Parts and Labor are doing a few shows in our northerly neighbor states. First is a show with the AustinHouston-tastic Indian Jewelry at Dartmouth College's Fuel Rocket Club on May 9th. The second is a show with Brooklyn's fine Aa (Big A Little A) at Bennington College on May 10th.

3 of the bands just mentioned can be found on the Cardboard Records Love and Circuits compliation that came out last month. Much like how the DFA Record Compilation #2 was the map of NYC dance music back in 2004, this compilation is gives you the state of 2008 noise rock.

Here's the mandatory Youtube video:

Aa - Thirteen (not a Big Star cover)

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erika airwrecker said...

Oh my god, dude. Indian Jewelry is from Houston, not Austin. You just plunged the knife a little deeper into my heart with that one.