Monday, March 10, 2008

Mistakes On The Lake.

I just got back from the greater Cleveland/Akron area, where I was stranded for three days longer than I anticipated due to the ridiculous two feet of snow that sabotaged the fair state of Ohio while I happened to be inside it. Apparently Hair Police met the same fate that I did & ended up cancelling the show they had slated at the Red Barn tomorrow night after wrecking their car in the blizzard. But seeing as I didn't even know about the show until Eric told me about it tonight, I'm guessing this is another classic case of Valley Underpromotion & very few of you are likely affected by this change of plans.

Perhaps even more frustrating than getting snowed in was yet again talking to my parents about the pride of Akron, the almighty Devo, members of whom they both went to school with (but of whom they were perpetually unaware). The fact that my Dad was at Kent State when the first Devo show happened but was probably too busy hanging out at a pool hall or something is a tremendous source of secret shame for me. Regardless of my folks' oversight, I fucking love Devo, so here's some "Jocko Homo" for you.

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