Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Haikus, Part Two.

Yet again, Eric & I sought out requests on our show in exchange for an opportunity to earn a place in our Haiku Hall of Fame. The always reliable Joe pulled through for the second time (we're sorry that you always seem to be bogged down in homework) & after about three minutes of trying to get a request out of our caller Brian, the best he could give me was that he's really into "existentialist indie" right now & that we should just play something for him that we liked. It was a good effort, so I'm still going to give him the haiku treatment. So here we go.

AP Physics sucks
Makes Joe want to punch infants
Requests lessen stress.


Brian the bearded
Driving in your Ford Contour
An old persons' car.

Apparently poems aren't very enticing to what small listening audience we have, so I think we're going to retire this gimmick. HOWEVER! WMUA's annual fun(d) drive is just over the horizon at the end of the month & Camp Expressway To Yr Skull has big plans in store, because we love you. Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing, hand-crafted, limited edition mix CD box sets that will make a lovely addition to your music collection. What do you have to do to have the good fortune of obtaining one of said box sets? Just call us on October 29th, make a pledge of ANY amount & it's all yours, buddy. Start digging under your couch cushions, selling those vital organs on the black market & making some trips to the sperm bank.

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