Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Records & Recluses.

Brown Recluse Sings are a fine band from Philadelphia. If '60s psychedelic-influenced indie pop gets your motor running (you like the Zombies, don't you?), you have not one but two chances to have these gentlemen wow you this weekend. They'll be playing a set at the aformentioned WMUA Record Fair, if you want to elbow people in the ribs for first grabs at various vinyl gems, but they'll also be playing the night before (that's Friday, December 5th) at the People's Pint (24 Federal Street) in Greenfield. So instead of elbowing people in the ribs, you can enjoy some delicious peanut noodles, homemade soda & maybe some vegan strawberry shortcake for dessert (collectively blew my mind, I swear). The show starts at 10pm & it's donation-style, so show some love.

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akahn said...

plus people's pint has slippery slope braggot on right now... yum