Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time Is Here I Guess

Happy holidays, and merry Christmas if yr into that sort of thing. Remember a few weeks ago when WMUA held a record fair? The one where twenty vendors from throughout the Northeast came and set up shop, thousands and thousands of records in tow? Well, enjoy a trip down (a very recently paved) memory lane.

brown recluse sings performs as first act of the day. check out their myspace. they rule.

digging and chatting.

local mad genius eric hnatow. go and listen to him. he's coming back to campus february 3rd with thrust lab.

everyone loves vinyl! everyone is happy!

northampton all-stars rabbit rabbit. rejoice in sound.

umass basketball and umass radio. it's a beautiful friendship.

wmua advisor glenn siegel talks music.

So if you missed it, or if yr just hungry for more delicious vinyl, keep it tuned to WMUA for news on the next record fair. Most likely happening sometime around April.

Enjoy the holiday.

Hey Look, It's Rudolph! from dina on Vimeo.

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