Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fund Drive Exclusive!! Gimme the Loot!!

We're in the middle of WMUA's annual fund drive to raise money and support our station, allowing us to kick out the jams, melt your minds and put on free shows for you to attend. One of the very very limited premiums being doled out during the week is a set of 10 copies of WMUA's Fall Concert signed by all of the performers: Dan Friel, The Death Set and Eric Hnatow. These sweet gems are all unique (see the photo below for the lot*) will be available starting tomorrow during The Sound of Confusion (8-10 PM) and will continue be available through other station shows. A $10 dollar contribution (subject to change, likely lower) and it's yours. Get a copy early because they're more rare than a Jay Reatard single.

Call in to any show and demand yourself a copy!

*Not included as station premiums are the Barrel of Monkeys, King of Hearts flask or quarters for doing laundry. Ask about the Three6Mafia and Dirtbombs CDs.

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