Saturday, July 26, 2008

Turning Japanese.

Is it just me, or has 2008 been a really shit year for new music thus far? I haven't been jamming any recent releases all that frequently, but it has given me lots of time to revisit the rest of my record collection. So I suppose it's not a total wash. Half Japanese's The Band That Would Be King LP has been in heavy rotation at my apartment lately & I tried re-watching the documentary of the same name not too long ago, but most of the time, it just made me want to punch Gerard Cosloy in the face whenever he opened his mouth. The live band segments are pretty great, though.

Half Japanese - "Change My Style", from The Band That Would Be King (1993)


parallelliott said...

it's definitely just you: au, barn owl, malkmus & the jicks, beach house, no age, atlas sound, earth, pocahaunted, cheap time, pattern is movement, woods family creeps, fleet foxes, religious knives, black angels, cave & bad seeds, nat baldwin, steve reich, bonnie prince billy, cursillistas, fabulous diamonds, grouper, ilyas ahmed, indian jewelry, our sleepless forest, ponytail, tape, vetiver, sic alps, african scream contest, magic reasons, abandoned ships, great white jenkins....excluding comps by jay reatard, wooden shjips, and king khan....and it's only july.

erika airwrecker said...

I've only really been excited about a few of those. I'm not discounting the fact that there's been a slew of perfectly okay albums this year, but I've yet to have my socks completely knocked off by anything.