Monday, June 23, 2008

Always Wanting More.

In case anyone is taking part in the office pool to see how long I could keep up with Matador's Jay Reatard singles series before being reduced to a sobbing child, the most recent installment (#3) sold out in TWO HOURS & I was unfortunately shut out of getting on board. My second hope was picking one up during my pilgrimage to Sound Exchange while I'm here in Houston, but my record shopping partner picked up their only copy before I had the chance to snag it. The future of our friendship remains to be seen.

Apparently, this is the breakdown for each single's pressing number:
#1 - 3517
#2 - 2750
#3 - 2000
#4 - 1300
#5 - 900
#6 - 400

Which means that I probably would have had to give up hope somewhere around #5 anyway, but I didn't think I'd be throwing in the towel this soon. I hear the In The Red singles comp + DVD is due out this week though (in a normal pressing, at that), so if that's someting you're into, take note.

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