Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Never Too Late for a Nirvana Parody

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - It's Not the Heat It's the Humidity

Coincidentally, this track is off of that Cardboard Record Love & Circuits compilation that apparently cannot work its way out of any post made on this blog*.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth just released their newest album Not Noiice on Chalk Circle.

*I stumbled upon this by accident, I swear. See I'm building my case that "lead guitarist for noise rock group" should be the new "it" thing for prospective female musicians (bassist- soooo outdated!) and I was trying to find a Parts & Labor video of their new female guitarist murdering "New Crimes" as a piece of evidence**.

**Which in turn may make that footnote a piece of evidence used in the case proving that I'm a sexist.


erika airwrecker said...

Female bass players are way cooler. See: this lady.

twinpowers said...

sarah's a really rad guitar player