Friday, April 18, 2008

For A Real Cheap Time...

I hope you guys all got your first Matador-sponsored Jay Reatard 7", because the next one is already one the way. I'm currently taking friendly wagers as to how long I can last at keeping up with these records until I explode in a fit of frustration & break my computer's keyboard in half.

Also, let me implore you to go see Mister Reatard at Harper's Ferry in Allston this Sunday with Cheap Time (whom I am not yet familiar with, although they have a new record out on In The Red, which is promising enough for me). Here's hoping that it doesn't wind up like his show in Toronto last night, because it's bad enough that I'm willing to travel two hours to see this man run through a full set that barely cracks the nineteen-minute mark WITHOUT drunks destroying his gear.

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