Monday, March 24, 2008

Pop Rocks.

I don't talk about pop-punk nearly enough on this blog. I've spent the better part of the afternoon listening to a loosely Valentine's Day-themed mixtape someone made me recently & the Descendents/Lemonheads/Smoking Popes combination kind of gave me the shake I needed to correct the pop-punk imbalance that results from me always posting about Thurston Moore or David Yow on here. The Smoking Popes actually have a new album coming out in May, apparently & while I'm skeptical about whether or not that's a good thing (see: way, WAY too many bands getting back together), I had kind of forgotten how awesome they were circa like 1995.

The Smoking Popes - "Rubella"

Note that I intentionally didn't post the video for "Need You Around", which while a great song, probably does not need any further exposure after the law in the mid-90's that ordered it appear on the soundtrack to accompany every movie with the slightest connection to alterna-teens.

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