Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Shockingly, our friends over at the Hampshire College Alternative Music Collective have been updating their myspace page recently! And rejoice, for there are actually some shows on board for the coming months. Check it out for yourselves!

It's taking me some time to completely warm up to the new Magnetic Fields album, Distortion. Maybe I'm just not ready for Stephin Merritt & company to go all shoegaze on me. Regardless, if you haven't done so already, you might want to get your shit together & attempt to acquire tickets for their shows at the Iron Horse on February 11th & 12th. According to the Iron Horse website, they're not sold out, although the degree of reliability there is highly debatable. I know the two Somerville shows sold out incredibly quickly, so do what you need to do in order to make it to one of the Northampton shows & get massively depressed right before Valentine's Day.

Blast from the past: The Magnetic Fields' "Born On A Train"

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