Thursday, January 17, 2008


Okay, so I kind of stretched the truth a few days ago when I said that WMUA blog mainstay Eric was MIA. He's really just buried in academia right now, so he can be forgiven for abandoning far less important tasks, like posting videos of Tom Waits here every Wednesday. I was going to post something really encouraging here for you, Eric, but this was the best that the internet afforded me:

I was hoping for something with a little more of a viking angle, although this gentleman does bear a striking resemblance to Thor, the heavy-metal god who will perform feats of strength in the form of inflating hot water bottles with his lungs & bending metal rods between his teeth.

Anyway, godspeed, Eric & we all hope that you will perodically grace the WMUA with your snark while you're on sabbatical.

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