Thursday, October 4, 2007

So Busy

Just a warning for anyone thinking of buying the new Jens Lekman album next week- the shit will give you cavities. The below video clip from Asterix Erobert Rom is the first thing I thought of while I was listening to the LP.

Personally, I wish he’d do more covers of Arthur Russell, like the cover of "A Little Lost" he did for the awesome Take Away Show done by La Blogotheque.

I commend these guys for having the exact amount of grit on their film. Here’s one of Low's Alan Sparhawk (someone get me that sweater!) doing a great acoustic version of “Murderer” from one of my five (easily) favorite albums of the year Drums and Guns.

Also, going back to the Arthur Russell, a documentary about him is coming out sometime in 2008 and below is the trailer for the film. He had an album of his reissued recently under the Dinosaur L monicker entitled 24 -> 24 Music. It’s one of the few genuinely great disco [not disco] albums to own. If you love what the DFA and their posse have been putting out, they’ve essentially been mimicking this and Russell’s other music for years.

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