Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Valley Worm Fest

The Flywheel is on a non-stop fundraising tear, hosting the fantastic record fair at Eastworks two weekends ago. This upcoming weekend is going to be the first (in a hopefully annual) Valley Worm Fest. Some flyers that were available at the record fair stated it was being held at the Eagle's Club, but that just got shut down. It's been relocated to The Elevens in Northampton. This 3-day festival is occurring from September 28-30. The cost for each day is 5 bucks and 3-day passes are for sale at Turn It Up! for 15 bucks. As we've said before, WMUA <3 The Flywheel, so show them some love!!

Performance Schedule:

Friday September 28th - 8pm
Flock and Field
Curious Buddies
No Shadow Kick
Campbell Apartment (Ari Vais)
Space Captain
Mark Schwaber
Count Westwest
The Novels
The Fawns
Philip Price (Winterpills)

Saturday September 29th - 3pm
Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof
Bill Nace
Grey Skull
Fat Worm of Error

Saturday September 29th - 8 pm
Dark Oars (Chris Carlton)
Sitting Next to Brian
Mathew Swiatlowski (Hymns)
Claudia Malibu
The Mitchells
Henning (School for the Dead)
Zeke Fiddler
Mark Mulcahy

Sunday September 30th - 3pm
Josh Crane
Ruth Garbus (Feathers)
Kurt Weisman (Feathers)
Thane Thomsen (the Figments)
VS. event

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jill said...

Hooray, thank you for posting this. Hopefully some of you all come out and support Flywheel and see some cool local music. Word.
~ Jill, VWF organizer.