Friday, September 21, 2007

Monty Buckles

There's a new Pissed Jeans video flying around the world wide webs today, viewable below.

The video is directed by a gentleman named Monty Buckles, who is now my 3rd favorite named music video director (2nd Famous Mortimer, 1st Nathaniel Hörnblowér). He fronts The Lamps, who've released two LPs on In the Red. What I was not aware of was that he has directed some other great videos for bands like The Black Lips, Intelligence and A-Frames, just to name a few. According to his website bio he is described as an "unlovable drunken shut-in." His shooting style reminds me of the 90s low-budget Spike Jonze glory days. I have a feeling Mr. Buckles gets compared to him a lot. Did I mention he has a blog?

Here are some other videos he has directed.

The Black Lips - "Fad"

Intelligence - "Dating Cops"

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