Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Letter to Justice

Dear Justice,

How's it going? I'm guessing that you're pretty busy, considering the accolades of praise you're getting for your debut, . No doubt it's well-deserved. Who wouldn't like a sunny Jackson 5/Go Team! type throwback track like "D.A.N.C.E." for his or her summer mix? On top of that you've managed to help the effort to suck deeper in the metal/punk head-types that already fell for Death From Above 1979. Judas Priest + Daft Punk = success. Who knew?

But for all the comparisons that you've gotten to Daft Punk, you, my good men, are no Daft Punk. Daft Punk is for everybody. Justice is ultra-snobbish Daft Punk. Now this isn't to imply that you two gents are snobs, which I doubt very much. But there is a too-cool-veneer that encapsulates your music (it doesn't help that you let Uffie rap on the album). And that's amusing, because Daft Punk are pseudo-robots that have made us believe that only they are making the warmest, most all-embracing dance music today. Just go out and look at the reaction and excitement that's been produced with their current tour. Look at that picture of you compared to Daft Punk. Are you goin to sit back and let the robots remain unchallenged?

Unfortunately, this is a problem I see with all of these dancetronica types. Everyone appears cooler than everyone else. Ketamine house over dub. I-F over Sebastian. Ricardo Villalobos over Paul Kalkbrenner. And why is it that none of these artists are as successful as Daft Punk? It's because they've been pigeonholed or pigeonholed themselves into silly sub genres, which only Daft Punk have been able to evade.

So how is it that Daft Punk became above all that? It can't be all James Murphy's doing (though it couldn't hurt). It's because they're not part of any scene. They're not Warp glitch-toadies or Kompakt microhousemaids. You've elected to be Ed Banger minions. They decided they're just going to be Daft Punk. Nobody owns them.

Respeck knuckles,


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