Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When It Happens That's It

We here at the [un]official WMUA blog would like to give [un]equal coverage to all types of music stylings. Undeniably, hip hop and rap are going to pop up here, which is something of a problem in that the current contributors are not your well known Sway or The Fader*. So that's where you can come in. School us. Old school us. The majority of the online webzines have championed the same Clipse/Ghostface/Lil Wayne/Kanye West/Spank Rock acts, which we could do. But we want to provide for other hip hop we're digging or that you might be. So get in touch.

That being said, I just got hold of the new Camp Lo album, which I've heard some things about. Fingers crossed.

*At this point I'd like to make a special comment to the fine people at Fader. You provide our station with a great magazine every month, but one thing that really gets on my nerves is your support for mediocre rap artists. Collie Buddz? Bone Thugs? Sure, you'll throw love to the aforementioned safety acts, but then you start giving questionable love to acts that have fizzled out years ago (and deservedly so) or up and comers that have absolutely nothing new to offer** (looking at you Akon). And you act like we just don't get it. It reminds me of people who think Freddy Got Fingered is just absolute genius. Heresy!

**Additionally, I'd like to make a quick comment about Rihanna's "Umbrella" song which is apparently all that. Why?! Flimsy, sleepwalking Jay-Z guest spot, run-of-the-mill softy verses and an unbearable chorus. I think I'm the only person deeply annoyed when she sings "Umbrella ella ella eh eh eh."

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Bryan G said...

We are so gonna have a big bonfire with all those copies of Collie Buddz.